Boost your confidence with mantras

by The Professor on August 12, 2008

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No matter who we are we can all use a little boost in self-confidence from time to time.  How about using mantras to do this.   They are extremely powerful for this and are used for this purpose by many of the most successful people that you will meet.

This of course is the reason that we use mantras.  All mantras come down to boosting your self-confidence.  As I stated before mantras are meant for you, they are usually written by you, and the really only apply to you.  Therefore mantras become a way of you boosting yourself.  Lets get right to it.

Need a boost try these:

I am getting better and better every day in every way

My confidence around other people helps me to be a better person, and change peoples lives.

There are always more examples that we can give for self-confidence, but my advice to you is this.  Find a specific reason that you feel a little self-doubt.  Maybe it is speaking with your boss.  Simple create a mantra that will give you strength the next time you must approach him to ask for something.  Maybe something like this:

I am a great employee and because of this my boss wants my opinions.  I am happy to freely talk to him about how I feel.

Perhaps you have a fear of speaking in front of large crowds.  Try this one:

I am a great speaker and people are eager to hear what I have to say.  I love to be in front of people and watch them unite with what I have to say.

Maybe you have a lack of confidence in starting something new.  This of course is very reasonable but try this:

I am learning and getting better everyday.  I bring fresh ideas that have not been used before.  I am successful because of my fresh thinking.

A little worried about being too boastful with your new confidence?  Try this one out:

I am confident and humble.  I never waiver with my confidence, and I am always willing to help others with their own confidence.

Keep going.  Before you know it you will be the most confident and successful person that you have ever met.

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